About MindSci Cafe

I have been hypnotising people since 1994. At the time I ran a management consultancy and a colleague asked me to record a hypno cassette for her using a book she’d bought. I had her sit in front of me while I made the recording, and she got hypnotised. Just like that.

For the next few years I had a hundred employees asking if I could help them with their claustrophobia or their osteoarthritis pain or “My husband beats me with wooden coat hangers. Can you help?” And I’d say, “I don’t know. Let’s try.” There was no commercial imperative. It was all, for me, experiment. And I learned that whilst I could not hypnotise everyone – no matter how much they wanted it – I could, through hypnotism, sometimes achieve things that are as close to magic and miracles as one will ever see in the real world. I’ve been doing that, now, for more than 20 years, including eight years with the Occupational Health Department of a large London NHS hospital alongside my private practice.

Being the first ‘hypno’ Skill on Amazon’s Echo platform has put me in touch with a much wider constituency with whom I have been able to have limited interaction through various social media channels. Keeping tabs on them all is cumbersome so I wanted to see if I could bring everyone (who wanted to be brought) together under one roof. And here we are.