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Every day, hundreds of people all over the world benefit from listening to my hypnotherapies on Amazon’s Alexa platform. Those therapies are so popular that Amazon wrote saying “Congratulations, you have one or more top performing skills on Alexa!”.

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Alongside the many 5-Star reviews, people frequently ask if I could offer a wider range of therapies. Unfortunately, the nature of the Alexa platform means that isn’t practical so, to satisfy the demand, I created the Mindsci Café.

Many of you will be used to buying hypnotherapy MP3s and will know how effective they can be. A limitation is that you have to choose a therapy, buy it, and if it doesn’t work you have to buy another therapy, and so on until you find the right one.

The Mindsci Café is a Membership Subscription service. Once subscribed, you are free to explore all the issue-based and all-purpose therapies, at no extra cost, to find what works best for you. If you want to stop gambling, for example, then the issue-based ‘Stop Gambling’ therapy might be all you need. But it might be that you need to break a pattern of behaviour (Trench Therapy) or you might need to recode your brain to a time before you gambled (System Restore). Standard subscribers ($2.00/month) have an ‘all you can stream’ facility where you can try out as many different therapies as you want at no extra cost.

Special subscribers ($2.50/month) have the added advantage of being able to compile your own, custom therapies by selecting from a range of different inductions, different deepeners, different interventions and different eductions to tailor-make your own treatment. Some hypnotees get better results with a nice progressive relaxation as their induction. Others need just the few words of a brief induction to get gone. Some people want their therapy to wake them up so they can get on with their day. Some want to end their therapy and slip seamlessly into a peaceful bedtime sleep. All these possibilities, and more, are available to Special subscribers.

Of course, if you are not feeling right, mentally or physically, you must seek mainstream medical care. But while you wait for your appointment, or your visit to a consultant, you can try the therapies available here at the Mindsci Café; they won’t hurt, and they might help.

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